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About Dr. Doris Ang

Dr. Doris Ang, a certified Irlen Diagnostician holds a PhD,  a Master in Social Science and a BA in Psychology.  She was clinically trained in Australia.

She serves on the Irlen International Development Committee (IIDC).  Dr. Ang was featured in Straits Times, Mind-Your-Body, interviewed live on Radio 93.8 as well as on TV Channel 8.  She was awarded by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports for her invaluable voluntary long service award to the community.  Before her migration to Australia, she was involved in counselling and lifeskill training for 10 years, to help inmates at Changi Womens’ Prison to reintegrate into society upon their release.  Since 1991, she was involved in Grief and Bereavement counselling for patients and families in Hospice Care Association.  She was commended Family Life Ambassador in Year 2002.  She is the Consultant to Dignity Link, a Social enterprise that helps integrate people with mental illness into society.

Dr. Ang is the Clinical Director of Irlen Dyslexia Clinic, a multidisciplinary clinic for the evaluation and treatment of learning difficulties.  Being a dyslexic herself and a sufferer of Irlen Syndrome (visual dyslexia), she managed to overcome her disorder which led to her interest and concern for students who were underachieving and experiencing reading difficulties.  She realised there is a lack of knowledge about this condition and treatment in Singapore and decided to bring the Irlen Method of treating visual dyslexia to Singapore. 

Says Dr.Ang: “Despite apparent educational awareness, many of today’s children are left struggling through school with problems that are yet unrecognized or even unknown to their parents and teachers.” Children by nature are curious and enjoy learning. If they are not, she urges teachers and parents to find out what is stopping their children from learning.

Being a pioneer in the treatment of Irlen Syndrome in Singapore, she hopes to work with schools and higher educational institutions to arrest and treat Irlen Syndrome especially in young children, so that they could overcome their learning difficulties early in life, and not have to struggle through academia and eventually drop out of school when they find that they could not cope with the stresses in studies, or worst, may even fall into bad company.  She authors the book "Achieve Your Breakthrough in Learning Difficulties" to share with parents, teachers and professionals to educate them about Irlen Method of treating visual dyslexia.


At the Irlen Dyslexia Clinic our trained and licensed Irlen Diagnostician Dr. Doris Ang (Clinical Director) will provide you with

� initial screening to determine if individuals have Irlen Syndrome
� assessments to ascertain the full extent of the symptoms
� tinting sessions to determine the optimum colour or combination of colours for each individual
� treatment with precision tinted filters worn as glasses
� a report that details the problems experienced
� advice on wearing Irlen Filters
� aftercare of initial check-up at four to six months and at yearly intervals

� advice on special educational needs, and support
� educational assessments
� referral to other appropriate specialists
� training courses for Irlen Screening
� presentations and talks on Irlen Syndrome





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